Maintaining a Positive Online Presence

We live in a digital world where seemingly everything is public. Every thought, opinion, location, event, activity, or image can be easily broadcast in seconds through social media. And once it’s out there, it takes on a life of its own. This fact can be difficult to manage in a service industry such as law.... Continue Reading →

The Perception of Control

There is something I have been saying to my daughter since she was about three. So of course, at twelve, she is extremely tired of hearing it. "Find the fun." Three simple words. But these three little words can help make a huge difference in life. As adults, we are faced with numerous chores, tasks... Continue Reading →

Email Etiquette

Whether you love it or hate it, email rules any workplace or academic setting as the main communication channel. The sheer volume of messages we read and write makes it very easy to make embarrassing errors, and those mistakes can have very negative consequences. So establish good email habits and stick with them! Everything in... Continue Reading →

Video Interviews – Here to Stay

These days, with COVID-19 still running rampant in many places, video meetings, classes, and activities of all kinds are daily occurrences. Video has replaced in-person interactions out of necessity, but many people are realizing that it's really not that bad for many purposes. It frequently saves time, money and hassle. Because video usage is so... Continue Reading →

I am unhappy with my grades. What now?

NDLS students are not used to being in the bottom half of, well, anything! But statistical reality dictates that half of each law school class is in the bottom half and probably unhappy with their grades. So if you're unhappy with your grades, you are not alone. And you still have plenty of great employment... Continue Reading →

1L Year – A Brave New World

You have arrived! Law school. The beginning of endless new opportunities for you as an emerging professional. Law school is a totally different experience from anything you have experienced academically in your life. It has its own language -- the Socratic Method, IRAC, Bluebooking -- and its own flow. It takes a little getting used... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

It is August and time for a new school year to begin. What will this academic year have in store? A whole lot of new. And different. This year will be unlike any other given the current global circumstances. New and different can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, but it can also be exciting and fun... Continue Reading →

Networking Like An Adult

One of the most common, and easily avoidable mistakes that people make when building professional relationships is approaching them as purely transactional. You, of course, ultimately want to be able to take advantage of a relationship when the opportunity presents itself, but it cannot be the all-consuming motivation of your networking. So how can you... Continue Reading →

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