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It’s time for the next Things to Share post. Have something you’d like to share? Let me know! Use the contact form at the bottom. I would love to hear from you!

Vault – This site is chock full of practical and useful content. They have an excellent blog, lists & rankings to help you with law firm research and guides to everything (behavioral interviews, practice areas and firms in specific geographical areas). They even have a new edition for Navigating Your Career in the Time of Coronavirus! All Vault content is completely free for NDLS students. Just sign up for an account using your email address to unlock everything! Sign up for their free newsletter and content will come straight to you.

ABA Podcast for Law Students – This podcast covers issues that affect law students, law schools, and recent grads. From finals and graduation to the bar exam and finding a job, this show is your trusted resource for the next big step.

I Am the Law Podcast – This podcast was created to help law school students and lawyers decide on an area of law to specialize in. Each episode is about 20 minutes long and features lawyers from various fields describing what their jobs are really like. The focus is on real-world experiences of lawyers who are out there working the ground rather than on salaries and statistics.

Lifehacker – Lifehacker bills itself as the ultimate authority on optimizing every aspect of your life. “Do everything better.” In reality, it’s just a fun collection of tidbits, recommendations and tips for new ways to do things. It’s a fun diversion that might teach you something really creative or useful. Sign up for their newsletter, and you’ll get everything from popcorn toppings and Netflix recos to exercise routines and cleaning hacks.

Now it’s your turn. Have something you want me to see? Let me know!


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