Things to Share

During the course of any normal day, I will come across content that I enjoy and want to share. Things to Share is a new recurring feature! I will post Things to Share periodically when I have a small collection of items that are worth talking about — books, articles, websites, podcasts, whatever. Anything interesting, useful and worth the time (IMHO).

Have something you think I should include? Let me know! Use the contact form at the bottom. I would love to hear from you!

Mentor In Law – This terrific biweekly newsletter from Nyssa Chopra features practical information for law students and young lawyers. It focuses on what law school doesn’t teach you. Nyssa does a wonderful job of profiling professionals in a variety of roles, including those who have left the practice of law. Check it out.

Fit To Practice – This weekly podcast with Angela Han focuses on topics related to law and life: “I help busy lawyers overcome their physical and mental challenges through wellness training.” Topics range from self-care and finding happiness to job searching during a pandemic and branding yourself for success.

Practice Pointers – This monthly column from Natasha Alladina, lawyer turned recruiter, appears on the Ms. JD site. Natasha writes about all kinds of interesting and useful topics. Check out her piece on Finding Your Tribe, those people who encourage and support you and on whom you can rely. Throughout the roller coaster that is life, you need your peeps to help keep you going. Especially, you know, in a global pandemic.

Amy Cuddy TED Talk – You’ve probably heard about power posing or the Wonder Woman pose. This is where it all started. Amu Cuddy’s intriguing stance (get it?) on body language is that it not only shapes how others perceive us but also how we perceive ourselves. Listen and see what you think.

Law School Toolbox – It’s a blog. It’s a podcast. It’s a treasure trove of free resources. Welcome to the Law School Toolbox! Alison Monahan and Lee Burgess founded LST in 2012 and have tons of incredibly useful advice, wisdom and experience to share. Sign up for their mailing list and you’ll get updates on new content. LST’s sibling, The Bar Exam Toolbox, is another must-read for all things related to the bar exam.

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