Meeting with the CDO over the summer

Do you want your resume or cover letter reviewed? Do you have questions about OCI, 2L summer, or 3L year job search strategy? Are you finding yourself interested in a new area of law and you want to learn more about pursuing a career in that area?

Fortunately, the CDO has regular office hours all summer long and we are eager to speak with you!

If you want your resume or cover letter reviewed, you can always email any counselor in the CDO and we will gladly review those documents for you. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment to have those documents reviewed.

You can schedule an appointment with any counselor you want on IrishLink, keeping in mind that IrishLink schedules all appointments in the eastern time zone, including appointments with Katelynn who is in Chicago. So if you are in California and schedule a 12:00 appointment, that appointment starts at 9:00 your time. Even if you are in Chicago and Katelynn is in Chicago and you are meeting in person, IrishLink is only capable of scheduling in the eastern time zone so if you want to meet with Katelynn at 11:00 Chicago time, you must schedule the appointment for noon in IrishLink. IrishLink gives you the option to schedule in-person, phone, skype, and in-person Chicago (only offered with me) appointments.

Patti, Ed, Vinny, and Chris are all in South Bend throughout the summer and I am in Chicago all summer. If you want to schedule an appointment with me in Chicago, you can click the “in-person Chicago” option. The default is that we will meet at the Notre Dame Law in Chicago classroom at 224 S. Michigan, Suite 250. If you would prefer to meet at a coffee shop closer to your work, let me know and I will be happy to meet you there as long as it doesn’t conflict with other meetings.

Additionally, I will be holding walk-in hours every Tuesday and Thursday over the summer from 11:30-2:30 Chicago time. Feel free to pop by the Notre Dame Law in Chicago office at 224 S. Michigan, Suite 250 if you want to talk in person, call me at 574-631-6917, or skype me at KatelynnMcBride.

We look forward to speaking with you over the summer!

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