1L Weekly Docket

This edition of the 1L Weekly Docket features many summer job opportunities, an invitation to DOJ Careers Webinars, and an announcement of Ms. JD’s Summer Public Interest Scholarship.

Job Opportunity: Chicago Public Schools, Notre Dame Alumna Recruiting, Apply ASAP

The Board of Education of the City of Chicago has extern opportunities in its Law Department’s Labor Relations Unit. Their new location is 1 North Dearborn Street, 9th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60602. The Labor Relations Unit is responsible for handling traditional labor law cases and employee discipline matters. Interns/Externs would concentrate their work in prosecuting employee dismissal cases. With the oversight of attorneys, externs would be responsible for: (1) Gathering background information; (2) Contacting the client and witnesses to prepare them for their testimony; and (3) Presenting opening and closing statements, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, and arguing orally before an administrative hearing officer. Many law students have found this direct hands-on experience challenging and rewarding. Additionally, if desired, externs will have the opportunity to handle traditional labor law matters as well.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Susan Galan,

Job Opportunity: Crime Victims Justice Corps, offices across the country

The Crime Victims Justice Corps, an initiative designed to increase access to civil legal assistance and enforce the rights of crime victims, is now recruiting law students for the summer of 2019. Law students apply directly to the legal services organization of their choice, and a list of organizations hosting CJVC law students can be found on our website. Some organizations have position descriptions posted, while others are in the process of finalizing and posting them. Continue to check our website throughout the next month or reach out directly to the organization for more information. All participating students will receive a $3,200 stipend. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
For any additional questions, please contact Linda Downing atldowning@equaljusticeworks.org.

DOJ Careers Webinar, April 24 and April 30

The DOJ Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management is hosting a webinar introducing law students to the 2019 Attorney General’s Honors Program and Summer Law Intern Program at the U.S. Department of Justice. We will discuss the programs, updates, applications, and answer questions about the upcoming season. If you’re interested in applying for the DOJ Summer Law Intern Program or in learning in advance about the Honors Program, attending this webinar will give you a leg up on the application process.

The DOJ is hosting two webinars:

Wednesday, April 24 at 12:00 PM Eastern

Tuesday, April 30 at 3:00PM Eastern

To view the webinar, please log in to: https://ecs.acms.com/introhpslip/

Passcode: 10200

Job Opportunity, Veterans Legal Corps, offices across the country, May 15 Deadline

The Veterans Legal Corps (VLC), formerly known as AmeriCorps JD, helps low-income and homeless veterans secure access to income, housing, employment, and health care. Law students serve at legal services organizations across the country and receive an educational award of $1,200 for completion of 300 hours of service. The application is open through May 15th and more details can be found here

Students can secure their own summer placement (most direct services focused nonprofits are eligible) or can reach out to our list of organizationsthat are actively recruiting. They then would follow our Application Guideto enroll in the program.For additional questions, please email Selena Hunn at Vetslegalcorps@equaljusticeworks.org.

Ms. JD Summer Public Interest Scholarship Competition, May 5 Deadline

Ms. JD is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2019 Summer Public Interest Scholarship Competition

The winners of the 2019 Public Interest Scholarship Competition will each receive a small scholarship to go towards their summer living expenses as they pursue careers in public interest law.  Ms. JD is thrilled to continue our support of women pursuing public interest careers and soften the burden faced by those who accept public interest internships, which are often unpaid.  For more information on the scholarship and submitting an application click here

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