Leveraging GALILEE for your 1L summer job search

GALILEE kicks off this week and beyond the chance to explore interesting organizations over winter break, catch up with classmates, and build networking skills, GALILEE presents you with an ideal opportunity to get a head start on your 1L summer job search.

As you are meeting with organizations and learning about their work, if you find that an organization sounds interesting to you and you may want to work there next summer, know that your cover letter to that organization will practically write itself. You can talk all about your visit there through GALILEE and what you learned about the organization. Whatever you do, if you apply to work for an organization you visited during GALILEE, do not neglect to mention that visit in your cover letter!

To get the most out of your experience, be active and engaged during your visits. The attorneys you meet with will give you opportunities to ask questions and they want to hear from you. So ask them. Show your curiosity about the organization and be excited and engaged to be there. Collect business cards from the attorneys you meet with and email them afterwards to thank them for taking time to meet with you. This is a free chance to make tons of valuable contacts over just a few days.

Take notes. As you talk to other student groups and listen to organizations describe the legal community in their market, you will hear the names of other organizations you are not visiting come up. Write those names down and follow-up with those organizations. You can still write a great cover letter if you mention that other groups visited those organizations and raved about their experience.

Pay close attention during your GALILEE visits. Ask what the internship experience is like. You will learn a lot about what different organizations assign interns to work on over the summer and how the summer intern experience differs between organizations. Ask yourself what sounds good to you. Take this time to consider the kind of internship experience you’re looking to have. Do you want to spend the summer research and writing, interviewing clients, observing court? Now that you have learned more about what different organizations offer interns, you can ask more about the internship experience during your summer job interviews.

GALILEE is a great opportunity but you only get out of it what you put it into it so rather than tagging along for the ride, embrace each visit you go on. Research the organizations in advance, come with questions, and follow-up afterwards.

As you are preparing application materials to organizations you visited during GALILEE, check in with the CDO. We can help ensure that you are describing your visit effectively in your cover letters. We are also excited to debrief your GALILEE visits with you and talk about what you have learned. We’re just a phone call away.

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