Writing Your Mentor Outreach Email

So you have just been paired with your alumni mentor and you’re looking forward to setting up your first phone call or meeting. How should you go about drafting your initial email to your mentor? What should it say? Should you attach your resume?

Let’s get into some of these questions.

Your initial outreach email to your mentor should be short and sweet. The goal of your email is to set up your first meeting or phone call with your mentor. So you don’t have to worry about delving deep into your background, attaching your resume, or engaging in long explanations about why you want to meet them. So give them the basics, ask to set up a meeting, and press send!

The most effective emails with the highest response rates ask specific questions and make very clear what they are asking for. So make sure that in your email, you ask a very clear question proposing some times to talk that ends in a question mark.

You don’t even have to worry about crafting a separate email. When I pair you with a mentor, you will see two emails. The first is an an email I send just to you that tells you who your mentor is. The second is an email you’re cc’ed on that I send to your mentor telling them who you are. Just go ahead and respond to that email, briefly introducing yourself and asking your mentor if they are free to talk on the phone over the next week.

Here’s an example of how this can go down:

Sample outreach email I send to your mentor:

Subject line: Your 2018/2019 ND Mentorship Program Mentee Pairing

Thank you again for serving as a mentor in Notre Dame’s 2018/2019 Notre Dame Mentorship program.
I have paired you with 1L Hazel Adamson, hadamson@nd.edu. Hazel is interested in building her labor and employment career in Detroit.

I have been in touch with Hazel who knows to contact you within two weeks to set up your first phone call or meeting.

Thank you again for participating.




Some of the time, your mentor will reply to this email and ask when you’re free to meet. In that case, it is easy. Just confidently propose a few dates and times that work for you, thank them for serving in the mentorship program, and your mentor will work with you to get something scheduled from there. If your mentor responds to this email, definitely reply no matter what.

If your mentor doesn’t respond (which they usually do not), it is up to you to respond to get the first meeting scheduled. Here is a sample student response:


I second Katelynn’s thanks to you for serving in the mentorship program and I look forward to talking to you. Are you free to talk later this week? My afternoons are generally open after 2 eastern. I look forward to talking soon.



That’s really all it takes! Your  mentor has agreed to serve in the mentorship program, which means they want to meet with you and are expecting to hear from you. You can save the details about your background, planned career path, and specific questions for your first phone call or meeting.

If you have specific questions about your outreach email or would like to have it reviewed before pressing send, do not hesitate to reach out to the CDO. We’re happy to review that outreach email for you.

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