Turning in your Shaffer and BOAF Fellowship Applications

Notre Dame Fellowship applications are due in two weeks and I have been getting questions about what the application components are and how to apply. So I would like to answer those for everyone now.

I am on vacation from Friday, September 13-Tuesday, September 16 to attend the Denver Broncos game in Denver. (They are playing the Chicago Bears, I am a diehard Broncos fan, and my husband is a Bears fan so wish us luck!)

You can turn in your Shaffer and BOAF applications to me now and any day until they are due. I am accepting them and I will respond to your email confirming I have received your application. The way that you turn your applications in is by simply submitting a completed application packet electronically to me Katelynn McBride Barbosa, by 5 p.m on Friday, September 20. The definitive source for your fellowship applications is the fellowships website.

That website lists in clear, numbered detail every single component for both the Shaffer and BOAF applications, how to apply, the due date, the history of both fellowships, and every single former and current fellow. The website is rich in information and you should find the answers to any application related questions there.

Completed application packets should be submitted electronically to Katelynn McBride Barbosa, by 5 p.m. Friday, September 20, 2019.

As far as essay drafting, I have written blog posts, complete with examples of past successful essays, that directly address how to approach every single essay question for both Shaffer and BOAF. If you can read these in detail and implement lessons from these posts before sending me your essay drafts, that will maximize my ability to help you with your essay drafts.

Here are the blog posts on essay drafting:

Tackling the first Shaffer and Bank of America Foundation Fellowship Essay

Tackling Shaffer and BOAF Essay #2

Tackling Shaffer and BOAF Essay #3

Tackling the Bank of America Foundation Fellowship Unique Essay #4

Here are additional blog posts answering fellowship FAQs and discussing how to fill out the application itself:

Shaffer and Bank of America Foundation Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

How to approach the non-essay components of the Shaffer Application

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