Announcing a fully funded fellowship open exclusively to graduating NDLS students

If you’re graduating this weekend and on the lookout for your ideal first law job, an incredible opportunity is available. The Bank of America Foundation has additional funding to support a one-year public interest fellowship for one graduating 3L and this opportunity is offered exclusively to Notre Dame Law graduates. This is a full-time, paid job with full benefits and you can do it in just about any geographic location you desire.

Beginning in 2015, the Bank of America Foundation Fellowship has funded five Notre Dame Law graduates to pursue their dream jobs. The fellowship enables fellows to choose the organization where they will be working and to design their own projects that advance community sustainability.

Please note that bridge to practice participants are eligible and especially encouraged to apply with the host organizations they have already secured through their bridge to practice fellowships.

If you’re interested in applying, please email me at to set up a conversation by Wednesday, May 23.

Past BOAF fellowships have been awarded to the following graduates:

Arianna Cook-Thajudeen, National Housing Law Project, San Francisco, CA. Arianna’s project will facilitate immigrant communities’ access to affordable housing through litigation, education, and advocacy.

William Tronsor, Disability Rights New York, Albany, NY. Through his project, William will provide information and legal representation to Native American students with disabilities.

Carlos Cisneros Vilchis, Community Activism Law Alliance, Chicago, Ill. Through his project, Carlos provides consumer financial protection and immigration assistance.

Rasheed Gilmer, Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice, Detroit, MI. Rasheed’s project addresses legal issues concerning inner- city poverty, living wages, employee rights, civil rights, and access to job training and opportunities.

Nicholas Bedenk, Community Activism Law Alliance, Chicago, Ill. Through his project, Nick provides community-based, free legal services and empowerment to under-served communities.

Jason Sethen, Chicago-Low Income Housing Trust Fund, Chicago, Ill. Jason served as one of the inaugural BOAF fellows at the Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund, where he worked to create safe, stable, and affordable rental housing for low-income individuals and families. After his fellowship concluded, the Trust Fund’s Board of Directors approved him as the organization’s first General Counsel, a role in which he continues to serve today.

Rachael Winkler, International Institute of the Bay Area, Oakland, CA. Rachael also served as one of the inaugural BOAFFellows, completing her fellowship at the International Institute of the Bay Area where she helped undocumented survivors of domestic violence and other violent crimes in their application process for naturalization. Rachael was hired as a Staff Attorney at the conclusion of her fellowship and continues to work on crime survivor programs.

You can read more about the fellowship and the application process over at the Bank of America Foundation Fellowship web page.

Applications are due to Katelynn at by 5PM eastern on Friday, June 15.

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