2L Weekly Docket

This week’s weekly docket features several job opportunities, including the least competitive method by far for landing a JAG position, a conference, and a writing competition with a $2000 prize.

Summer & Postgraduate job opportunity: The Air Force One Year College Program (ROTC) Deadline January 10


If you want to join the Air Force as a JAG, you can join now while you are in law school. It is considerably less competitive to get accepted as a JAG through the ROTC program than it is through the direct appointment program and you will advance in military rank, and thus pay, faster. There is no limit to the number of JAGs that the ROTC program can take but there is a very strict limit on the number of direct appointment JAG candidates that the Air Force can take so if you wait until you’re a 3L to apply, it  becomes infinitely more competitive.

If accepted to the program, you will balance law school classes with Air Force ROTC exercises and you will spend this summer training to become an Air Force officer. You will be guaranteed a job as an Air Force JAG after graduation provided you pass all physical tests.

To apply, you must meet with the Notre Dame Air Force Detachment on campus, which it is best to do in December so if you’re interested, you will want to act very soon. Fill out the application online by January 10. 

If you know that you want to pursue a career as a JAG, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your job is settled and you don’t have to worry about your job search anymore? Imagine the stress that would take away from exams and worrying about grades, journals, and everything else!

If you want to apply and have additional questions, contact me.

Job Opportunity: United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, Application Due December 15

Last week, I met with Peter Salib at the U.S. Attorney’s office and he said their office is very eager for Notre Dame interns. Applications are due on December 15 and you can apply online here. If you apply, let me know so I can flag your application for Peter.

Conference: Hispanic National Bar Association Corporate Counsel Conference in SF, March 15-18 (over the NDLS spring break)

This signature event provides a unique setting for Corporate America and the HNBA to connect, offering opportunities for outside counsel to meet representatives from numerous Fortune 500 Companies. This year’s conference will give hundreds of attorneys, judges, and law students a valuable and enjoyable three-day program featuring Continuing Legal Education (CLE) panels on cutting edge topics led by experts from across the country, a variety of workshops, and one of a kind networking opportunities.

Read the blog post discussing Notre Dame 3L, Veronica Canton’s, experiences at and how she budgeted to attend HNBA conferences here.

Read more and register here.

Legal Blog Post Writing Contest with $2000 prize, Due December 31

To win, your article not only has to be logically rigorous and substantive, it also needs to be engaging, entertaining, and eye-catching. Ideally, lay people should be able to understand and enjoy the article, while lawyers should find it useful and insightful. Eligibility and Topic: J.D. Students – Any topic in litigation involving expert witnesses.

Learn more and apply here.

Job Opportunity: Institute for Justice Summer Program: DC, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, and Miami, and Austin, Apply ASAP

Image result for institute for justice

Participating in IJ’s summer clerkship program offers law students an exceptional opportunity to directly contribute to IJ’s cutting-edge litigation. The summer clerkship program is also one of the principal ways IJ identifies talent for future attorney hiring. In fact, most IJ attorneys today previously participated in the clerkship program.

Applications will officially open mid-November and IJ will start interviewing students after winter break.

During their summer clerkships, law students work closely with IJ attorneys to develop litigation strategies and assist in the nuts and bolts of cutting-edge civil rights litigation, including propounding and responding to discovery requests, drafting motions and briefs, and preparing for hearings.

Past assignments have included:

  • Researching and preparing a United States Supreme Court cert. petition regarding just compensation in an eminent domain action;
  • Participating in moots for dispositive-motion hearings in a challenge to protectionist mobile vending regulations;
  • Analyzing discovery objections in a civil forfeiture class action lawsuit;
  • Assessing how to certify a new class and add new plaintiffs to an existing class action;
  • Developing litigation strategies for potential challenges to licensing requirements in several states across the country.

IJ also hosts a number of social events throughout the summer that give clerks the opportunity to bond with one another and IJ attorneys and staff. Activities vary from office to office but have included monthly in-house happy hours, bowling nights, local Major League Baseball games, visits to local breweries and distilleries, and tours of the United States Supreme Court.

If you’re interested in applying, contact me. I litigated at IJ for three years before joining Notre Dame’s CDO and I know what they look for in interns.

Apply here.

Job Opportunity: Department of Justice Volunteer Legal Internships

The DOJ is actively interviewing for Volunteer Legal Internships in many of their offices. To search for postings, go to the DOJ’s legal hiring website. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can search by position, hiring organization, practice area, and state. Search for “law student volunteer, summer” under the position and you can see the many positions that are open. For instance, I just did that very search and found, to name just a few job postings:

The Executive Office for Immigration Review is hiring two interns in Texas and applications are due on February 23.

The Criminal Division is hiring 3-4 interns in DC and applications are due on February 2.

The Environment and Natural Resources Division in San Francisco is hiring two interns and applications are due on December 15.

Paid Job Opportunity: New York County District Attorney’s Office, Deadline December 15

The Office will hire 50 1Ls and 2Ls for its paid ($700/wk), 10-week (full commitment required) Summer Intern Program, which begins in early June (split Summers not permitted). Interns conduct legal research, write appellate briefs and trial memoranda, and help prepare cases for grand jury presentations, hearings, and trials. The Office also conducts a weekly lecture and field trip series that highlight aspects of the criminal justice system.

For tips on maximizing the quality of your application, read the blog post on my employer outreach visit to their office here and the blog post on my interview with an NDLS alumna, who currently works as a prosecutor in their office here.

Read more and apply here.

If you want help with your application materials for any of these opportunities, the CDO is here to help!

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