Feeling frustrated by your job search? Start small.

Do you ever feel like you have a lot of ideas about what you want to do for your career but are unsure how to get there? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with options that you don’t know how to get started? Do you wish someone could just give you one step you could take toward building your dream career?

Put your job search down on paper.

When your job search is nebulous, it is impossible to take the first step toward accomplishing your goals. Concretizing your job search and writing even just a few options down on paper will do wonders to clear up the frustration. Let me explain what I mean.

Start small. If you are interested in working in trusts and estates in San Diego this summer, start by writing down a list of five firms or organizations that have a trusts and estates practice in San Diego. You can make that list by googling “trusts and estates firms in San Diego,” by going to the CDO’s job search toolkit and using resources such as vault or martindale, and by talking to your San Diego networking contacts and asking their advice on what the best trusts and estates firms and organizations are. If you need help accessing and making the best use of these resources, the CDO is here to help.

Start with that list and reach out to an attorney working at each of those five firms and organizations to schedule a phone call and learn more about their work. Once you do that, you will have a very good start toward building a network of trusts and estates attorneys in San Diego. That network will give you valuable advice, introduce you to other attorneys practicing in San Diego, and may be able to tell you about job openings at their organization before they are even posted.

Starting small and just making this list will be much more productive and will be a more positive experience than taking in the big picture all of the time and getting overwhelmed. It can be difficult to know how to get started and to feel so flooded with options that you can’t figure out steps to take to accomplish your big goal.

So have your big goal in mind but start with small steps toward accomplishing it. Even if you just start by finding one organization or person with a practice area focus you are interested in, that will do wonders for making you feel less frustrated in your job search.

So try this today. No matter what practice area you are interested in, take just five minutes now to identify an organization that focuses on that area of law.

Then, find a person working in that organization and email them to ask them if they have time to talk to you about their work. If you need help writing your outreach email, the CDO is here to help with that too.

Take a break from worrying about your resume, job postings, and interviewing and just focus exclusively on gaining more information. When you set up your networking meetings, make the focus of your conversation all about learning what that person does. What is their day to day work like? What are some of the projects they are working on? You will learn something and get a much needed break from the frustration of your job search grind.

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