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This week’s weekly docket announces that registration has opened for the biggest public interest career fair in the country, announces that EJW is hosting a webinar on paying back law school loans on August 24, reminds you to consider applying for the Shaffer and Bank of America Foundation Fellowships and to talk with me as soon as possible if you have any interest, announces that many government honors program applications are open and due very soon including the U.S. Department of State, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and United States Department of the Treasury, Comptroller of the Currency honors programs, to name a few. See the Arizona Government Honors & Internship Handbook (password in the CDO resource center under “Popular Job Databases”) for a complete list of government deadlines.

2017 Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair (the biggest public interest career conference in the country): Registration is Open NOW and closes for interviews on September 13


The Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair is the largest national public interest legal career fair in the country. This year, it is taking place on October 27 and 28 in Washington, DC.

So far, 154 employers are registered to attend, with multiple organizations actively hiring and interviewing 3Ls or planning to hire within 6 months include Bronx Defenders, Brooklyn Defender ServicesHuman Rights First, Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy, Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York, Maryland Office of the Public Defender, Third Way, and several others.

Beyond interviews, the conference features many great talks on public interest topics and Justice Ginsburg will be speaking!

Equal Justice Works recognizes that one of the biggest hurdles to attending the Conference & Career Fair is affording the trip to DC so this year they’re helping students connect for carpooling and hotel sharing and the first 500 registered students will qualify for a chance to receive one of ten $100 travel stipends.

If you are interested in attending and need financial assistance, some might be available. Contact me if you need financial assistance.

Registration is open now and closes on September 13 and you can read more about the conference here.

Webinar: Student Debt Relief Basics: How to Repay Your Loans and Earn Public Service Loan Forgiveness, August 24


On Thursday, August 24 from 3-4 eastern, Equal Justice Works will host a webinar on how to reduce your monthly student loan payments and qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Register for the webinar here.

Job Opportunity: Create Your Dream Job (4 guaranteed jobs for Notre Dame 3Ls) Application Due September 22


Are you starting to wonder how to go about landing a post-graduate job that you’re thrilled with? Next year, 4 Notre Dame students from the class of 2018 are guaranteed public interest jobs through Notre Dame Law School and only Notre Dame Law students are eligible to apply. These 4 students will decide which organization they want to work for and will create their own project for that organization. In other words, these 4 students will literally create their own dream jobs!

There is still time to apply but act fast!

If you have even a tiny interest in launching a public interest career, come talk to me about the Shaffer Fellowship and Bank of America Foundation FellowshipEven if you have done nothing  public interest related throughout all of law school, I promise you can still be a competitive applicant. All it takes is a 15 minute conversation with me to get started.

If you have even a tiny inkling of interest, email me as soon as possible. I am going to be out of the office from August 31-October 1 so schedule an appointment with me as soon as you can. Read more about the opportunity here.

Job Opportunity: U.S. Department of State, Office of the Legal Adviser 3-Year New Attorney Program, Application Due September 1

The Office of the Legal Adviser furnishes advice on all legal issues, domestic and international, arising in the course of the Department’s work. This includes assisting Department principals and policy officers in formulating and implementing the foreign policies of the U.S., and promoting the adherence to, and development of, international law and its institutions as a fundamental element of those policies.

Applicants must submit a comprehensive resume that includes information about their educational background and scholastic standing, academic and other honors, professional experience, other government or military experience, publications, and other relevant attributes such as language skills. A copy of the applicant’s law school transcript and a list of three academic or professional references must accompany the application; a cover letter is also welcome.

Please submit applications on line to legaljobs@state.gov, or fax to 202-485-8650.

Office of the Legal Adviser
L/EX Room 5.600, SA-17
600 19th St., N.W
U.S. Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20522-1705

Read more about the office of the legal adviser and the job opportunity here.

Job Opportunity: United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Honor Law Graduate Program, Application Deadline September 8

In 1974, Congress created the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as an independent agency to enable the Nation to safely use radioactive materials for beneficial civilian purposes while ensuring the protection of people and the environment. The NRC regulates commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials, such as in nuclear medicine, through licensing, inspection, and enforcement of its requirements.

Each year, the NRC selects a small number of graduating law students or judicial law clerks to serve in the OGC Honor Law Graduate Program (HLGP). Established in 1972, the HLGP is the primary mechanism for hiring entry-level attorneys at the NRC.

As an Honor Law Graduate, you will serve in a two-year program consisting of rotational assignments through different OGC divisions in order to gain broad exposure to the diverse legal practice at the NRC.

Read more about the program and apply here.

Job Opportunity: U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Honors Attorney Program, Bidding Open Through August 22

The OCC’s Honors Attorney Program is a one-year program, followed by full-time employment, which provides substantive assignments while exposing the attorney to the breadth and depth of the practice areas within the OCC’s Law Department.

The OCC’s Honors Attorney Program assigns each attorney to a permanent position within the Law Department in the OCC’s Washington, D.C. headquarters office. During the first year, Honors Attorneys will rotate among different practice areas in the OCC’s Law Department, including one OCC District Office in New York City, Denver, Dallas, or Chicago. Travel expenses associated with the District Office rotation will be paid by the OCC in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulation.

During the one-year program, Honors Attorneys will learn about the diverse practice areas in the Law Department. Assignments will vary with practice area and may include taking a sworn statement, drafting an enforcement action, interpreting federal law or regulations, providing legal counsel to examiners, and analyzing the impact of current legislation on the institutions the OCC supervises. At the end of the first year, the Honors Attorney will have the opportunity to provide input into the attorney’s assignment within one of the headquarters’ practice areas. If the need exists, Honors Attorneys may have an opportunity to relocate to a District Office.

Read more about the office and the honors program here.

The OCC will be interviewing on campus here at Notre Dame on Tuesday, September 12. If you are interested in interviewing, bid through simplicity by August 22.

See the Arizona Government Honors & Internship Handbook (password in the CDO resource center under “Popular Job Databases”) for a complete list of government deadlines.

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