When Should I Expect to Receive A Callback?

So you just completed a screening interview or maybe multiple interviews and can’t help but check your phone every five minutes waiting to hear from the employers you interviewed with. Waiting is the worst part. So how long does it take to get news that you have been offered a callback interview?

Think about the dating process. The whole OCI process is really analogous to dating. If you just went on a date with a guy and are wondering if he is going to call you for a second date, how long does that typically take? If you are a guy and you just went on a date with someone you really like, how long do you typically wait to set up a second date?

Most of the time, if a guy wants to go on a second date with you, he will reach out within 1-3 days. Some guys take longer with some even waiting two weeks, for whatever reason, but generally, if a guy is interested, he will reach out sooner rather than later. A firm will too and for the same reason. If someone is a strong candidate, the firm knows that other firms are also going to be interested and so they have little incentive to wait to pursue that candidate.

I cannot find data on this topic but in my experience, most firms extend callbacks within 1-3 days, with many offering callbacks the same day of the screening interview. If you had a screening interview very early in the process before the firm conducted most of their on-campus interviews, the timeline could very well be slower as the firm waits to assess the candidates they interviewed through OCIs before deciding who to bring in. But, even then, keep in mind that firms don’t wait a long time for candidates they are excited about. (Neither do single guys).

Firms may take longer than a few weeks to reach out to you for a callback and for the reason why, look again to dating. Sometimes a firm’s top candidates do not accept their offers and so they go back into the candidate pool.

In any event, none of this really matters because you should not be sitting around waiting for a firm to call you and offer you a callback. Instead, take actionapply for other opportunities, and stay positive. Don’t wait for the entire OCI process to cycle through before you start considering options outside of OCI. Consider those options now. Many of the deadlines for some really great programs come and go in August. Don’t miss out on these opportunities because you are anticipating success in OCI. Always hedge your bets.

The CDO is going to host a callbacks program on Wednesday, August 8 at 5:15 in 1310 Biolchini and I encourage you to read Berkeley Law’s great webpage that covers the logistics of callbacks in detail. If you have callback questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a CDO counselor.

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