3L Weekly Docket

This week’s weekly docket features the largest public interest career fair and conference in the country, which has many employers interviewing 3Ls, a reminder to contact me as soon as possible if you’re interested in applying for fellowships, and the Air Force JAG application, which is due on September 10th. If you’re interested in attending the conference or applying for any of these positions, reach out to the CDO. We’re happy to talk through your applications with you and help you prepare great application materials.

Career Fair (the biggest public interest career conference in the country): 2017 Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair, October 27 & October 28 Washington DC, Registration Opens August 14

The Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair is the largest national public interest legal career fair in the country. More than 165 public interest employers conduct interviews for internships and full-time jobs and meet with students in informal “table talk” discussions of public interest legal opportunities. Many organizations interview 3Ls for positions at this conference. Over 1,200 students from nearly 150 law schools attend for interviews, workshops on public interest careers, networking, resume review, mock interviews, and more.

Registration opens on August 14 and closes on September 13 and you can read more about the conference here.

Job Opportunity: Create Your Dream Job (4 guaranteed jobs for Notre Dame 3Ls) Application Due September 22

Are you starting to wonder how to go about landing a post-graduate job that you’re thrilled with? Next year, 4 Notre Dame students from the class of 2018 are guaranteed public interest jobs through Notre Dame Law School and only Notre Dame Law students are eligible to apply. These 4 students will decide which organization they want to work for and will create their own project for that organization. In other words, these 4 students will literally create their own dream jobs!

If you have even a tiny interest in launching a public interest career, come talk to me about the Shaffer Fellowship and Bank of America Foundation Fellowship. Even if you have done nothing  public interest related throughout all of law school, I promise you can still be a competitive applicant. All it takes is a 15 minute conversation with me to get started.

If you have even a tiny inkling of interest, email me as soon as possible. Read more about the opportunity here.

Job Opportunity: Equal Justice Works Fellowship Application is Open! Due September 27

You can create your own dream job working on a project of your choice at a host organization of your choice. If you’re interested, email me and read more about it here. If you want to see an EJW fellow in action, watch this two minute video featuring a 2014 EJW fellow discussing her project advocating for special education and disability services for children with disabilities.

Job Opportunity: Air Force JAG Application Due September 10

If you’re interested in applying to be an Air Force JAG officer after graduation, email me and we can talk through the components of the application. The application is due on September 10 but it includes multiple components and you must interview on an Air Force base before that date to be considered. Read my blog post on Air Force JAG careers here and read more about the application process here.

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