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If you are applying for public interest and government jobs, need essays reviewed for your job applications, or want to meet with me in early fall, schedule an appointment with me soon. I will be out of the office from Thursday, August 31 until Sunday, October 1 getting married and going on my honeymoon and the last day I will be in the office reviewing essays is Wednesday, August 30.

Job Opportunity: Create Your Dream Job (4 guaranteed jobs for Notre Dame 3Ls) Application Due September 22

Are you starting to wonder how to go about landing a post-graduate job that you’re thrilled with? Next year, 4 Notre Dame students from the class of 2018 are guaranteed public interest jobs through Notre Dame Law School and only Notre Dame Law students are eligible to apply. These 4 students will decide which organization they want to work for and will create their own project for that organization. In other words, these 4 students will literally create their own dream jobs!

If you have even a tiny interest in launching a public interest career, come talk to me about the Shaffer Fellowship and Bank of America Foundation Fellowship. Even if you have done nothing  public interest related throughout all of law school, I promise you can still be a competitive applicant. All it takes is a 15 minute conversation with me to get started.

If you have even a tiny inkling of interest, email me as soon as possible. Read more about the opportunity here.

Job Opportunity: Equal Justice Works Fellowship Application is Open! Due September 27

You can create your own dream job working on a project of your choice at a host organization of your choice. If you’re interested, email me and read more about it here. If you want to see an EJW fellow in action, watch this two minute video featuring a 2014 EJW fellow discussing her project advocating for special education and disability services for children with disabilities.

Job Opportunity: Air Force JAG Application Due September 10

If you’re interested in applying to be an Air Force JAG officer after graduation, email me and we can talk through the components of the application. The application is due on September 10 but it includes multiple components and you must interview on an Air Force base before that date to be considered. Read my blog post on Air Force JAG careers here and read more about the application process here.

Job Opportunity: Assistant Attorney General, Washington Attorney General’s Office, Due August 10

The 2017 Honors Program will culminate in offers of an Assistant Attorney General position to a small (5-8) number of applicants. The AGO’s Honors Program is open to all third-year law students (those graduating in the spring of 2018) of law schools accredited by the American Bar Association and judicial clerks of the appellate and federal level. Those who receive offers will be placed into Assistant Attorney General positions starting in August of 2018. Offers are contingent upon passing the July 2018 Washington State Bar examination or, for judicial clerks not yet members of the WSBA, admission to the Washington State Bar by one’s start date.

In furtherance of its mission to deliver the highest quality professional legal services to officials, agencies, and people of the state of Washington, the AGO covers a remarkably diverse legal landscape, including social and health services, consumer protection, civil and administrative litigation, environmental law, torts, tribal law, labor law, appellate practice and criminal prosecution.  The majority of Assistant Attorneys General provide litigation and client advice in support of an assigned client(s), the full scope of which includes more than 230 state agencies, boards, commissions, colleges and universities, as well as the Legislature and the Governor.  The AGO has approximately 600 attorneys working in approximately two dozen offices in the following locations:  Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, Yakima, Kennewick, Wenatchee, Port Angeles and Pullman.

Although every position is unique, typical duties of Assistant Attorneys General include researching legal issues, consulting with clients and providing option-based advice as necessary, developing litigation strategy, identifying and preparing witnesses and exhibits, crafting necessary pleadings and briefs and litigating cases before administrative entities or various levels of state and federal court.

The following qualifications of those seeking a position via the Honors Program are highly desirable:

  • Superior verbal and written communication skills that allows one to convey accurate information in a clear, concise and understandable manner;
  • An interest in the work of the AGO and a demonstrated commitment to public service;
  • A diverse background in terms of education, experience and perspective;
  • The willingness to learn new areas of the law and develop new skills;
  • Willingness to work both independently and in teams to successfully prioritize and manage one’s own caseload;
  • A respectful and collaborative attitude that demonstrates a desire to contribute positively to the Office’s culture and diversity; and
  • Divisional and geographic preferences that can be reasonably satisfied via the Honors Program.

If you share our vision and have a desire to do important work that makes a difference for our community, then we invite you to consider applying.

To be considered for this opportunity, hit the “apply” button and in addition to fully completing a profile and responding to all supplemental questions, you must upload all required documents (see list that follows). Additional information such as writing samples and additional letters of recommendation will be accepted, but are not required. Required documents are:

  • A letter of interest;
  • Resume;
  • Law school transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable); and
  • Letter of recommendation*.

* The letter of recommendation is the ONLY document that will be accepted separately. The letter can be submitted by e-mail (Linda.Nakamura@atg.wa.gov), mail (800 5th Avenue, Suite 2000, Seattle, WA 98104) or fax (206-389-2058). Whether separate or uploaded via this system, the letter must be received by your specific deadline. (See note about deadlines that follows below.) Former and current AGO law clerks must submit a letter of recommendation authored by one’s AGO supervisor.

Timely and complete applications will be reviewed and invitations to interview will be extended. First round interviews will be held in the AGO’s Tumwater, Seattle or Spokane offices, the Northwest Minority Job Fair, as well as on campus at Seattle University School of Law, the University of Washington School of Law and Gonzaga Law School. Second round interviews will be held in the aforementioned AGO locations, and third- and final round interviews will be held in the Olympia AGO. The AGO is not able to reimburse applicants for expenses incurred while participating in this recruitment program. Although subject to change, we do expect to extend offers to successful applicant by November 2017.

Apply via the posting here.


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