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This week, there is a 3L job opportunity in Florida, several summer job opportunities for 1Ls and 2Ls in public interest as well as companies, a $1230 stipend for students working in public interest this summer, webinars on student debt relief and social media, and a call from the Colorado Lawyers Notre Dame group to get more ND students joining their Facebook.

3L Florida Job Opportunity: Equal Justice Works Immigration and Economic Development Fellowships 

Equal Justice Works will begin accepting applications on May 8 for four new Fellowships in Florida focused on the areas of immigration/immigrant communities and community economic development—host organizations will be announced soon and Fellows will start service in September of 2017. Interested candidates will have to submit a personal statement (3500 char. max), a resume, three references, and two letters of recommendation—no project proposal required. Candidates from anywhere in the nation are eligible to apply. Start preparing application materials now so they are ready to submit online by May 26! Additional information will be published soon. If you’re interested in applying for these fellowships, email me.

1L & 2L Summer Job Opportunity: Animal Legal Defense Fund seeking paid summer law clerk

ALDF is seeking a summer law clerk in Chicago for their litigation support division. They’re offering a stipend of $2400 a month for 3 months of work. This is a remote opportunity. They want someone who is willing to work remotely but able to come to Chicago once a week for meetings. If you’re interested, contact Chris Kozelichki.

$1230 Summer Stipend Available to Students Working in Public Interest Positions

If you’re working for a public interest organization this summer and want more money, apply for the Americorps JD stipend!

Equal Justice Works has AmeriCorps service opportunities for nearly 900 law students seeking to gain public interest legal experience and serve their communities in the areas of veterans, employment, immigration, elder justice, and disaster legal services. The new priority deadline is Friday May 19th, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until filled. 

Students who have already secured a position with an organization this summer can apply directly to Equal Justice Works now to join a legal corps of other law students and full time attorneys already in the field!
AmeriCorps JD members will join a network of other law students and attorneys already serving in the field, will receive web-based training seminars throughout the summer, and will receive the Segal Education Award of $1,230 after the successful completion of a 300 hour term of service. Click here for more information and don’t miss this opportunity!

1L & 2L Nationwide Summer Job Opportunity: Many Public Interest Organizations Still Seeking Applicants

Many public interest organizations throughout the country are still seeking summer interns and all of these organizations are eligible for the Americorps JD stipend. See a complete list of organizations accepting applications here. There are opportunities in Miami, Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and several additional cities.

1L & 2L Chicago Sports Law Summer Job Opportunity: Levy Restaurants

Levy Restaurants reached out to me and specifically asked for Notre Dame student intern applications. If you are interested, send me a resume and cover letter ASAP and I will forward your materals on to Levy.

Levy Restaurants is a company that owns several restaurant locations, including Jake Melnick’s and Spiaggia, and provides food services for large entertainment centers. They provide the food for twenty-three out of thirty NBA stadiums and are in 120 stadiums total. Levy is in most of Chicago’s stadiums, except for the Bears. Levy’s offices are located at 980 N. Michigan, right above Spiaggia restaurant.

Externs will work on contract negotiation and catering contracts in particular. Externs are often assigned to working with clients on renegotiating the terms of their contract. One of the most exciting parts of the externship is working on joint venture agreements with sports teams. If someone is interested in sports law then this externship would be a great opportunity to start building those connections.

Externs will also write summaries of master contracts and collective bargaining agreements. If there is an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charge in Illinois then externs will gather facts on that. In addition, there is some merger and acquisition work that may get assigned to the externs. Externs will mainly work with the two junior attorneys, who focus on liquor licensing and smaller contracts. The externs will get to go to happy hours and go the monthly lunch with the whole office in Spiaggia’s private room.

1L & 2L Chicago Summer Job Opportunity: National Association of Realtors

NAR is looking for summer interns and reached out to me specifically seeking Notre Dame law student applicants. The National Association of Realtors is headquartered in Chicago. Externs do a great deal of IP work, including protecting the Realtor trademark and copyright work. Externs will also work on legal research assignments and lobbying issues. Previous extern projects include researching one and two party consent laws to assess the legality of open house filming and researching whether the National Realtors Association had to file as a committee to give money to campaigns. Generally, at least thirty percent of the work externs do will be IP and the rest will be legal research projects and lobbying.

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to Finley Maxson, fmaxson@realtors.org ASAP.

1L & 2L Summer Job Opportunity: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Law Department for public transportation system is looking for an intern interested in learning various aspects of working within a very busy legal services department. The intern should expect to learn about legal issues involving mass transit from claims to lawsuits to contracts to responding to requests from the public for records in addition to bus and station videos. It is absolutely essential that applicants to this position be detail oriented, have excellent communication skills and superior customer service skills.

Read more about the position and apply here.

Equal Justice Works Webinars

The Law Student’s Summer Guide to Social Media & Digital Branding
Thursday, May 11 at 12:15 p.m. (EST)

This webinar will help law students leverage their summer internships into a digital brand by using online tools. Register here

The Law Student’s Summer Guide to Social Media & Digital Branding
Thursday, May 18 at 12:15 p.m. (EST)

Encore presentation! This webinar will help law students leverage their summer internships into a digital brand by using online tools. Register here

Student Debt Relief Basics
Thursday, May 25 at 3:30 p.m. (EST)

This webinar provides a basic overview of the options available for managing your student debt after graduation. Register here

Colorado Lawyers Facebook Group

The Colorado Notre Dame Lawyers have a Facebook Group and they want ND students to get involved! An alumni reached out to us specifically to get more ND students in the group. The group has nearly forty members. You can join it here.

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