PILF is Offering Two $500 Summer Stipends, Apply by April 21

The Public Interest Law Forum is offering two $500 summer stipends to students working in public interest positions this summer.

To apply please send a redacted resume (with your name, address, and identifying information redacted) and a statement of interest that should include:

the applicant’s class year

summer job/employer

summer job description (including how it pertains to public interest)

the applicant’s involvement with PILF activities

and a brief description of how they have demonstrated a long term commitment to public interest (e.g. past volunteer work, future plans, etc.)

Please send these materials to me at katelynn.mcbride@nd.edu by 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday, April 21.

Please note that I am accepting applications on behalf of PILF and not making any decisions regarding who receives the stipend so please do not address any application materials to me.

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