Federal Work Study Update

The Federal Work Study line is currently at 109 students. I will update the # of students in line every day at the bottom of this blog so you can always check here if you want to know how many students are in line.

Please read this entire blog post before emailing Heidi or me about the program.

As a reminder, there are 130 total slots. If the line fills up, I encourage you to apply anyway because we will put you on a waitlist and every single year I have run this program, at least someone has gotten in off of the waitlist. There are 130 total slots for federal work study and law school funding so even if you are only seeking the $1000 in law school funding, you need to be one of the first 130 people in line to get it.


You get placed in line for federal work study and/or law school funding when you:

  1. Turn in a signed student agreement to Heidi
  2. Turn in a signed agency agreement to Heidi or your employer sends me the agency agreement with changes they would like to make to it before signing it

I do need an agreement from your employer before you can be placed in line. If your employer is not getting back to you, politely email them and let them know that the line is filling up. Polite persistence is effective. You can even send them this blog post.

If you want to confirm that you are in line, email Heidi Baguer, hbaguer@nd.edu but please note that if Heidi has already confirmed that you are in line, you are in line. Your status has not changed.

Please keep in mind that taking federal work study funding for this summer may reduce the loan amount you can borrow next year.

So this program might not be for you. If you have questions about how your loan eligibility will be affected, contact Financial Aid. If you decide you do not want to apply, email Heidi and she will take you off of the list.

Financial Aid will begin making eligibility determinations in mid-April and will not do so before then.

As Financial Aid communicates to us that students have been deemed eligible and approved for federal work study, Heidi will begin sending out emails to each student individually confirming that you have been approved. She will be sending these emails out one at a time so if a friend has heard that they have been approved and you have not heard yet, do not panic. Sending out 130 emails takes time but you have my word that we will notify each and every one of you about your status as soon as we are able to do so.

As a reminder, Exhibit 2 of your agency agreement must indicate that you will be working 320 hours this summer.  The only way Financial Aid assesses whether you will be working 320 hours is by looking at what is written in Exhibit 2. They look at your start date, end date, and the hours per week you will be working. If the hours don’t add up to 320, they cannot approve you for funding.

Once you get word that you are eligible and will be receiving funding, that is not the end of the road.

If you are not already an employee of the University, you will need to become an employee so that you can get paid. Becoming an employee involves filling out paperwork online, getting direct deposit filled out, and going to HR to have your passport copied. HR will email you directly with the links to fill out paperwork. You must fill out the paperwork before you leave campus but you cannot fill it out until Financial Aid has deemed that you are eligible. 

HR will begin sending out emails to fill out employment paperwork in late April. The same rules about not panicking if another student receives this email before you apply.

Over the summer, you will need to turn in a midpoint hours form and final hours form to Heidi to show that you are on track to complete and have completed your required 320 hours to get funding. I will send an email about this later.

Get your student and agency agreements in as soon as you can.

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