Guest Blog Post from Ali Wruble: Upcoming Events and Applications and Other Pertinent Goings On

Invitations and Applications and More…Oh My!

Hey there, 1Ls! This is guest blogger, Ali Wruble, from the CDO. As the holiday season kicks in, recruiting activity heats up, and I have lots of information to share. From holiday events to grade sheets, there is a lot to know. Although most of this message is designed for 1Ls, the recommendations and reminders work for everyone. So read on and enjoy!

 Holiday Events

Employers often host events for 1Ls that are home for the holidays. These events are great – usually held in the employer’s offices, you can get a feel for the office itself and meet people who work there in a less structured environment than an interview. When we receive these invitations, we post them in the Events section in Symplicity. Check them out! Invitations will be arriving over the next few weeks, so keep checking. These events are for any law students in an area over break – they are not exclusive to NDLS. If dress code is not specified, feel free to inquire when you RSVP. If you are unable to obtain an answer, default to business attire (i.e., a suit). It’s always better to be overdressed…

  • Stay tuned to your email for dates and locations of Notre Dame alumni club events coordinated by the SBA Alumni Relations Committee. There will be many, and they are fantastic opportunities to meet new people and expand your professional network.
  • Use your break wisely and check into local bar association and/or young professional groups hosting events. Many are open to law students in town over break.

Diversity Fellowship Season

Many organizations offer diversity fellowships for 1Ls, and we are heading into application season. Check postings in Symplicity and our website for opportunities, information & deadlines. There are many fabulous programs, so be sure you check out the offerings and apply!

1L Job Postings in Symplicity

With December 1st right around the corner, I hope you are beginning to look at job postings in Symplicity so you can research the employers and see the options becoming available. Opportunities are coming in regularly and will continue to do so over the next few months.

Helpful Hint: Set up an automated search so the system e-mails new postings to you weekly. Check out the Symplicity 101 guide for detailed instructions on how to do it.

  • Suggestion: review all new postings, not just those in your target market. It might prove helpful to see activity in other areas which could provide an opening for you to contact an organization in your market. For instance, if you see that a firm in one market is posting in Symplicity and you are interested in that same firm in your market, you could reach out to them, noting the Symplicity posting for the other office and inquiring about opportunities locally.

FYI – Research Assistant positions are very popular during 1L summer. They tend to be announced via email by individual professors throughout spring semester.

Question: Applications can start December 1 but grades will not come in until January. Do I have to wait to apply until I have an updated transcript?

Answer: No! When submitting applications before grades become available, simply note for employers that grades will become available in mid-January, and you will submit your transcript as soon as possible thereafter. You may do so in your transmittal e-mail or online application. If the employer requests a cover letter, note this in your cover letter as well. Some employers will specifically state in their posting that transcripts will not be requested until later in the interview process, because they know students do not yet have any grades available.

  • For Symplicity (or any other) applications that require a transcript, you should create a grade sheet with your classes listed, including those for the spring, using our 1L grade sheet template. Convert it to pdf, upload it into your document collection and submit it with your application. If you are also sending a cover letter, include a note that you will provide an updated transcript when grades become available. The CDO advises employers of the timing on grade issuance whenever possible.


Do you ever listen to yourself speak? No, I mean really listen. Do you hear those fillers such as “like” and “umm” that regularly pepper your sentences?

To practice for interviews, public speaking and professional life in general, consider a free app that can help you be a more confident speaker. That’s right…there an app for that!

And speaking of making a good impression…our Electronic Etiquette presentation will be Monday, November 21 at 12:30 in Room 1140. 

So much communication takes place via electronic media that it is easy to accidentally present oneself poorly. You’ve grown up with email and social media, but the rules in business are different. Learn how to put forth your best virtual self through email, social media and more. You know you want to hang out with me and Patti, so come on by and eat some pizza! RSVP through Symplicity so we order enough.

Whew…I’m finally done. Thanks for reading. And enjoy your weekend. GO IRISH!

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