How to Get the Most Out of Your First 1L Counseling Appointment

All of us in the CDO are very excited to start working with 1Ls and to learn more about your career goals, why you chose to come to law school, and just to learn about you as people. When we first meet you, we want to focus on you as individuals and give you specialized advice targeted toward your unique situation. This blog post gives some tips about what you can do before your appointment to enable us to give you the specialized advice that you as a unique individual deserve.

First of all, if you haven’t scheduled your first 1L appointment, please do so on IrishLink. Ideally, we want to see you for your first appointment by November.

If you are in Chicago over fall break, I am happy to meet with you either at our Chicago office, 224 S. Michigan, Suite 250, or at a coffee shop near you. Just select the “In-person Chicago” appointment type. All of the other counselors in our office are at Notre Dame through fall break and happy to meet with you if you are on campus.

To get the most out of your appointment, if you haven’t submitted your resume already, send your counselor your resume (in word please so we can make edits and in one of the CDO templates from our career resource center).

We want the focus of our first meeting with you to be learning about you and giving you the most personalized counseling experience possible. If we get the resume review and editing out of the way before your appointment, we will be best equipped to do that.

Spend some time perusing the CDO’s career resources.

If you take some time to get familiar with those resources before your appointment, you will put yourself in a position to ask some more advanced questions about how to maximize those resources for your use.

Here are some resources I recommend clicking through and gaining basic familiarity with before your appointment:

Summer Employers: 2015-2019

SBA Student Career Contact List

Judges Hosting NDLS interns

NALP Directory

PSJD Resource Center (the best public interest job search tool that exists) and PSJD’s employer search function

Government Honors and Internship Handbook 

Alumni Network at My Notre Dame

Spend time reviewing the CDO guides and blog posts on this blog.

Any question you have about the general construction of resumes, cover letters, writing samples, and other application materials is almost certainly answered in the CDO guidebooks or on this blog. The more you know about the basics and purposes of these documents before your meeting, the more you can focus on specifics and on your unique needs in your first counseling appointment. Since your time is valuable, we want your meetings with us to focus on your particular needs rather than generalized advice that you could read in our resource center or on this blog at anytime.

Before your appointment, read through:

Job Search Guide (covers what our office does and how we can help you,  job search timelines for each of your three years at law school, interviewing, resumes, and other useful information)

Templates and examples

In addition to our guidebooks, this blog contains a great deal of information on all sorts of topics. The lower left hand corner of this blog lists various subject areas that you can click on.  For instance, if you wanted to read all blog posts on resumes, you can click on the Resumes link and they will all appear. If you want to read my interviews with Notre Dame alumni, click the lawyer stories link and they will pop right up.

We are really looking forward to working with each and every one of you. See you soon!




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