Announcing Public Interest Month!

Are you interested in pursuing a career in public interest or government or just dying to learn more about career paths outside of private firm life? October is the month for you!  October is officially Public Interest month at Notre Dame Law School and we are hosting 8 amazing programs on a wide variety of careers from legal aid, public interest fellowships, JAG, careers in state and local government, prosecution, and how to integrate pro bono  work into  private firm practice.

Join us for our very special Public Interest Month Launch event next Monday night, October 3rd at 5:45pm in the courtroom followed by a reception (with open bar!) in Eck Commons from 7-8.

At the launch event, our second-year Shaffer and Bank of America Foundation fellows will join us to discuss the work they are doing at their organizations and where their future careers will take them.

We hope to see you at many of these excellent programs. Please note that GALILEE participants must attend the launch event as well as one additional event from the program listed below.

When tweeting, facebooking, or social mediaing any of these events, please use the official hashtag “#NDLSPIM2017”!

The full program of events is as follows:


Monday, October 3: 5:45pm Public Interest Month Launch Event! How to Launch Your Public Interest Dream Job: A conversation with BOAF and Shaffer Fellows

Talk in courtroom with fellows at 5:45 followed by 7:00 PIM kickoff
reception in Eck Commons

Speakers: Jason Sethen, BOAF Fellow, Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund; Rachael Winkler, BOAF Fellow, Institute of the Bay Area; Jessica Binzoni, Shaffer Fellow; National Immigrant Justice Center; Audra Passinault, Shaffer Fellow, Legal Assistance Foundation

Tuesday, October 4: Institute for Justice: Suing the Government Is a Growth Industry:
How to make the most from your law degree (and your life) with a career
in public-interest law

12:30, 1130 Eck Hall of Law

Sometimes law students are told they have two options: a miserable life earning decent
money at a law firm, or a rewarding job coupled with a vow of poverty. This isn’t true. On October 4, Bob McNamara, a Senior Attorney with the Institute for Justice, will discuss his public-interest career and steps you can take to have a career at IJ. The Institute for Justice, the nation’s leading libertarian public-interest law firm, offers the best of both worlds: cutting-edge constitutional litigation on issues that actually matter to real people, combined with competitive pay. Sound interesting? Learn what steps you can take now to put yourself on a path to litigating the kind of cases you read about in the newspaper and your casebooks.

Speakers: Bob McNamara, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice, Manon Burns, 1L
summer at IJ Texas, Michael Davis, 2L summer at IJ Washington
Co-sponsored by the Federalist Society


Monday, October 10: Integrating Public Interest Into Private Practice

12:30, 1130 Eck Hall of Law

Perhaps you’re interested in pro bono work and public interest law but you’re committed to building your career in a private firm. Or maybe you’re starting your career at a private firm but hope to transition out of firm life to public interest work down the road. Never fear! Pro bono work can still be a major part of your working life and you can still transition to public interest work after starting at a big firm. At this talk, we will be joined by attorneys who have successfully done both.

Speakers: John Storino, Partner, Jenner & Block, NDLS 2000; Sara Gilloon, Staff Attorney, Family Defense Center, ND 2005

Tuesday, October 11: Careers in Prosecution

12:30, 1310 Biolchini Hall of Law

Are you interested in exploring a career in prosecution, spending a summer at a prosecutor’s office, or just learning more about what prosecutors do? Join us as Assistant District Attorney’s from offices around the country and student interns speak about their experiences working in prosecution.

 Speakers: Andrew Varga, Supervisor, Consumer Fraud Unit; Michael Zientara, (soon to be)Cook County State’s Attorney; Nicole Cabezas Lamb, Assistant District Attorney, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office; Chris Kozelichki, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office; Katherine Forbes, 3L, 2L summer intern at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office

Co-sponsored by FPAC

 Wednesday, October 12: Create Your Dream Public Interest Job Through Fellowships and the Bridge to Practice Program

12:30, 1310 Biolchini Hall of Law

You can do virtually any public interest project you can dream of at any organization and an outside organization or Notre Dame will fund you to do it. Join us to learn how you can create your own dream job through the Skadden, Equal Justice Works, and other fellowships as well as Notre Dame’s bridge to practice program.

Speakers: Dory Mitros Durham, Former Skadden Fellow at Indiana Legal Services; Zenaida Alonzo, Former EJW Fellow at Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, April Kentala, Attorney at the Office of the Appellate Defender; 3L Alyssa Phillips, public interest intern and fellowship applicant.

Co-sponsored by the Women’s Legal Forum

Thursday, October 13: Launch Your Public Interest Career in Chicago Through The Public Interest Law Initiative

12:30, 1310 Biolchini Hall of Law

Whether you want to work for a private firm or build a public interest career in Chicago, the Public Interest Law Initiative is an organization that you should know about. Connecting students with paid summer internships and fellowships prior to entering firm life, PILI is a major force in the Chicago public interest world. Join us for a discussion with PILI’s Executive Director and a 2016 summer PILI intern.

Speakers: Michael Bergmann, Executive Director of the Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI); Carlos Cisneros-Vilchis, Summer 2016 PILI Intern at LAF

Co-sponsored by the Public Interest Law Forum


Tuesday, October 25: JAG Careers

12:30, 1310 Biolchini Hall of Law

Join us as JAG officers from all four branches of the military discuss their career paths, life in the military, and the exciting practice that is JAG law.

Speakers: Captain Oliver, U.S. Marines, Major Monica Nussbaum, Airforce, A United States Navy Officer, Captain Margaret Maigret, U.S. Army

Co-sponsored by Military Law Students Association

Wednesday, October 26: Careers in State & Local Government

12:30, 1310 Biolchini Hall of Law

An often overlooked but great career path includes careers in state and local government. Whatever type of law you are interested in practicing, you can do it in state or local government. From state Attorney General’s offices to local schools to state agencies, the career opportunities in this field are endless.

Speakers: Anne McKeon, Illinois Commerce Commission, Melissa Green, Illinois Attorney General, Alexandra Iorio, 1L Summer Intern at Chicago Public Schools and 2L Summer Intern at District of Columbia Public Schools

Co-sponsored by the Military Law Students Association


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