Lawyer Stories: A New Regular Blog Feature

This blog is all about sharing stories. General career advice is useful but there is no substitute for seeing how real people actually got where they are. 

With that in mind, I am proud to introduce a new Becoming A Different Kind of Professional feature, “Lawyer Stories.”

In lawyer stories blog posts, I will write about a discussion I had with an attorney or a professional working in another field who graduated from law school. (This is named the “Becoming a Different Kind of Professional” blog for a reason after all.)

I will ask questions to learn more about the lawyer’s job, career path, and life. When reading lawyer stories blog posts, you will learn how the lawyer I met with got where they are, including specifics like where they worked their 1L summer, what their day to day life is like, and job advice they have. 

Because our careers impact our lives so much, I am also going to ask the lawyer about their lifestyle. What are their hobbies? When did they last go on a week-long vacation? What is the best live show they have ever seen? How much time do they get to explore life outside of work? So these lawyer stories blog posts will also give you a sense of the lawyer’s work/life balance. 

By posting lawyer stories blog posts, my chief aim beyond educating you about lawyers’ job paths, is to encourage you to get out there and network.

As a result, I am going to include all of the specifics about how I got in touch with each professional I profile and the basics of our meeting. For many of the people I feature in Lawyer Stories, I will have had no prior connection with them prior to asking them to be featured on this blog. 

The details regarding how I got in touch with each lawyer will be as specific as possible so you can get some concrete networking advice. I will include how I learned about the person to begin with, the email I sent to the lawyer or how we originally connected, and other specifics people often leave out of networking stories.

If this bores you, you can easily just elect to read the discussion piece of the blog post because I am going to start with that and include clear headings in all lawyer stories posts.

You can read all lawyer stories blog posts under the Lawyer Stories category on the blog.

If you have any suggestions for a specific person you think I should meet with or a professional background you would like to learn more about, I welcome them.

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