CDO Programs September 19-23

Monday, September 19: Cover Letter & Resume Prep

Biolchini Hall, Room 1310 from 12:30-1:3o

Tuesday, September 20: My 1L Summer Experience: A Panel

Biolchini Hall, Room 1310 from 12:30-1:30

Curious about the different kinds of summer internship opportunities that exist for 1Ls? Come and listen to 2Ls talk about their 1L summer experiences and share their insights into how they got their internships, what the work was like, and what they learned from it.


Thursday, September 22: Your Job Search

Biolchini Hall, Room 1310 from 12:30-1:3o

Would you like to meet someone who has gotten a job offer from every interview that he has ever had even though he was not at the top of his class?

Every year Bill Webb, founder and principal of the Webb Legal Group, speaks to law students about how to get a job. He spends an hour telling them his story and giving specific tips that have led to him being offered every job for which he has interviewed since 1997. Bill will be at NDLS on September 22 in room 1310 at 12:30 pm, and he would like to share this information with you
Bill graduated from Notre Dame in 1988 and NDLS in 1991. He is a native of South Bend and is well known for his great sense of humor and his no nonsense advice. He currently resides in the San Francisco area with his family.

Please R.S.V.P. through Symplicity and join us for lunch on September 22!

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