Announcing the 2017 Bank of America Foundation (BOAF) Fellowship

Are you a 3L interested in pursuing a public interest career? Are you sick of applying to job postings and looking to take charge and create your own dream career, doing any project you dream of at whatever organization you want? You can do it!

There are two guaranteed public interest jobs in play here for Notre Dame Law students and only NDLS students are eligible to apply.

In 2017, Notre Dame will award Bank of America Foundation Fellowships to two Notre Dame 3Ls. Bank of America Fellows will earn $46,000 per year plus benefits to work for two years in a non-profit, 501( c )(3), organization or city agency that works to advance community sustainability.

All of the information about the BOAF Fellowship can be found on the  Fellowship section of our website.

All applications are due to me at midnight eastern on Monday, November 14, 2016.

The fellowship application is composed of four essays, two letters of recommendation, and other components that take time to complete so if you’re interested in applying, contact me at as soon as possible and we can start brainstorming organizations for you to partner with.

Please note that Shaffer applicants do not need to fill out an entirely new application to apply for the BOAF Fellowship. Instead, Shaffer applicants need only inform me that they wish to apply for the BOAF and then answer the final question in the application: “How does your work advance community sustainability and which of Bank of America Foundation’s funding priorities does it fall under? How will your fellowship prepare you to be a leader in your community?”

Components of the BOAF Fellowship Application

1. The BOAF Fellowship 2017 Application
Note that the application requires the applicant to answer four questions asking the candidate to explain their project and host organization, demonstrate their commitment to public service, show why their project will advance Notre Dame’s mission, and explain why their project is consistent with BOAF’s mission. Candidates can view examples of past successful essays by emailing the Career Development Office.

2. An official law school transcript

3. A Letter of Recommendation from a professor
Note to recommenders: please draft letters of recommendation on Notre Dame letterhead and address the letter to the “Bank of America Foundation Fellowship Committee.” Please send all letters of recommendation electronically (no paper copies please) toKatelynn McBride.

4. A Letter of Recommendation from a former employer. Please send all letters of recommendation electronically (no paper copies please) to Katelynn McBride.

5. Your resume (including undergraduate GPA)

6. A signed Fellow Agreement with explanation of the type of work the applicant anticipates performing and the name and address of the host agency

7. A signed Host Agency Agreement identifying the work the applicant would be engaged to perform, and accompanied by documentation that confirms the host agency’s 501( c )(3) status

The Bank of America Foundation has awarded four fellowships in the past two years and seeing what the fellows are doing is incredible:

2015 BOAF Fellows

Jason Sethen is serving as a BOAF Fellow at the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund where he is working to create a stable housing environment for low-income individuals and families.
Rachael Winkler is serving as a BOAF Fellow at the International Institute of the Bay Area where she is helping undocumented survivors of domestic violence and other violent crimes in their application process for naturalization.

2016 BOAF Fellows

Nicholas Bedenk is serving as a BOAF Fellow at First Defense Legal Aid in Chicago, where he is working to reduce mass incarceration by keeping young people out of the criminal justice system.

Christina Jones is serving as a BOAF Fellow at The Arc in Washington, DC, where she is working to develop innovative workforce solutions for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

If you want to learn more about the Bank of America Fellowship, Jason and Rachael, the first two Bank of America Foundation Fellows are returning to campus on Monday, October 3rd at 5:45 to speak about their fellowships. Please join us for their talk in the courtroom at 5:45 and for the Public Interest Month Kick-Off Reception in Eck Commons from 7-9.

And you can find all of the information about the Bank of America Foundation Fellowship that you would ever want on the website.

I look forward to talking to you about your projects!



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