Announcing the 2017/2018 Notre Dame Alumni Mentorship Program!

Since you started law school, everyone has been talking about what a great alumni network we have at Notre Dame. I am sure you have been repeatedly encouraged to network with Notre Dame alumni. Are you feeling overwhelmed, wondering where to start, and anxious about how to establish contact? Do you wish that there were one alumnus or alumna who agreed to meet specifically with you?

There is!

Through Notre Dame’s Alumni Mentorship Program, the CDO will pair you with a mentor working in the city in which you are interested in building your career and we will do our best to pair you with a mentor practicing an area of law you are interested in as well.

If you are a transfer student and you would like to be paired with an alumni mentor, please fill out this survey by Thursday, August 10th and we will pair you with a mentor by Thursday, August 24.

The survey will remain open through November (and will open up to 1Ls in October) and mentors will be assigned on a rolling basis so the earlier you fill out the survey, the sooner you will get your mentor.

If you would like a mentor, please fill out the survey  and I will do my best to find you a mentor, including finding new mentors outside of the cities listed below. For now, the 27 cities in which we have mentors who have signed on to be in the program are below. Please note that some cities like Chicago have several mentors but some like Minneapolis only have one so just because a city is listed below does not mean a mentor will 100% be available in that city when you fill out the survey.

 This year, we have mentors in the following cities:



-New York

-Los Angeles

-South Bend

-San Francisco







-Fort Wayne



-Kansas City








-San Diego



-West Palm Beach

We launched the program in 2015 and it was a tremendous success! We found 278 unique mentors from 44 cities and paired them with over 250 students. Beyond just pairing students with alumni mentors, students got a lot out of the relationships, including great advice about how to establish themselves in a particular geographic area, an introduction to other attorneys practicing in various fields, good old networking practice, and even summer jobs.

Please note that all student mentees are required to email their mentor within two weeks of receiving their mentor.

We plan to schedule winter mentorship program happy hours in various cities, where you can mingle with other mentors and students but we encourage you to schedule a meeting with your mentor well before these happy hours.

When filling out the survey, please try to choose a city where you plan to be in-person at least once in the next six months. Mentors want to meet you in-person and networking is far more effective when done in-person.

If you have questions about networking, finding Notre Dame alumni, and how to write an effective outreach email, please contact the CDO. We are also happy to cover these topics in your individual meetings.

We look forward to pairing you with mentors!





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