Scheduling An Appointment With Katelynn

As you may know, during the semester, I usually work in South Bend on Mondays and in Chicago the rest of the week. (The dates I am on campus are always on the bottom of this blog).

So here is how you can schedule an appointment with me:

First of all, whether I am on campus or in Chicago, you are always welcome to schedule a phone or skype appointment with me.

Regardless of where I am, you can schedule an appointment with me on IrishLink.

Please note that all IrishLink appointments are always scheduled in the eastern time zone, regardless of where I am and regardless of where you are.

So if I am in Chicago and you are in San Francisco and you scheduled the appointment in IrishLink for 3:00, we are speaking at 3:00 eastern, 2:00 Chicago time, and 12:00 San Francisco time.

Be sure to always specify the type of appointment you would like from the “type” drop down menu when searching for an appointment with me on IrishLink or you could end up picking a day that I am in Chicago when you are trying to meet with me in South Bend.

There are four appointment types on IrishLink:

  1. “In-person,” which means in-person and on campus so if you select this option, you are meeting with me at the law school in my office at 1187 Eck Hall of Law. Please note: my office is not in the main CDO suite. I am located down the hallway next to the women’s restroom, adjacent to the courtroom.
  2. “In-person Chicago,” which means you are meeting with me in-person at our Chicago office: 224 South Michigan, Suite 250. That location is the default. If you would like to meet me at a coffee shop downtown or at your office if you are working in Chicago, you can email me and tell me that.
  3. “Phone,” which means you can call me at 574-631-6917 at our scheduled time.
  4. “Skype,” which means you can skype me at username KatelynnMcBride at our scheduled time

If you do not have an appointment with me but want to talk, you can call me at 574-631-6917 just as you would walk into my office and if I am not in a meeting, I will pick up.

As long as I am not in a meeting, I will be happy to talk. I am also available by email at and generally very fast to respond.

I look forward to meeting with you, both in Chicago and in South Bend, talking to you on the phone, skyping, and emailing throughout the year!



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