Notre Dame Moot Court Blows My Mind

Notre Dame student, Audrey Rabenberg, argued before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals last semester and won!

Audrey Rabenberg and Emily Reber after crushing it at the 7th Circuit

Last Wednesday, the 7th Circuit ruled that a federal judge in Indianapolis should have recused herself from hearing a man’s petition regarding his sentence because she was the one who sentenced him while she was a judge in state court. In doing so, the 7th Circuit relied on a dissent by Judge Ripple (Notre Dame Law Professor) in a prior case and overturned its own precedent, something that does not happen very often.

Attorneys spend years working in private practice and never get to argue before the 7th Circuit. Audrey did it before graduating from law school!

This is not some wild anomaly. Every year students in Notre Dame’s Seventh Circuit Practice Externship write briefs and argue cases before the Seventh Circuit. I got the chance to see 3L Morgan Stacey argue last year and I cannot wait to head back to the Seventh Circuit again this year to see the class of 2017’s crop of Seventh Circuit Practice Externs.

One of the best things Notre Dame students can participate in while in law school is our great externship programs.

If appellate arguments do not interest you, we have many other externship opportunities in Chicago, DC, with the public defender, with the National Immigrant Justice Center, with corporations, with ND’s athletics office, and more.

You cannot find the practice area that best fits you until you go out and do it.

Contact me to talk about picking the right externship for you.

Go Notre Dame Moot Court!

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