Interning for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)’s Law Department

Are you not interested in working for a big firm this summer but want the chance to rotate through multiple practice areas and get great experience? Look no further than the CTA.

The CTA hires 2L summer interns at $16 an hour and gives interns incredible practical experience, including permitting them to take depositions, second-chair trials, and rotate through the CTA’s four practice areas.

Last week, I met with Rachel Kaplan, Chief Attorney at the Chicago Transit Authority, to discuss this excellent opportunity and to learn more about the work that the CTA does. If you are undecided about the type of law you want to practice or just want exposure to a broad variety of practice areas over the summer, the CTA would be a great place for you to intern.

The CTA has four divisions: torts, corporate, compliance, and employment litigation. Among other things, the torts division deals with mass torts such as train accidents as well as small torts such as when passengers slip and fall on CTA buses. The corporate department works out deals for new property the CTA is acquiring and gives out licenses to entertainers performing in CTA stations. Interns get to work in all four areas.

Not only is the work interesting and varied; the CTA’s internship program is as formal as a law firm’s program. Interns are all assigned mentors and given official performance evaluations. On top of that, the CTA is located in the West Loop and the Law Department has its own floor.

Beyond the work in the program itself, an internship with the CTA provides tremendous networking opportunities. Many of the attorneys there worked for the state before joining the city and can connect students with attorneys throughout Chicago.

The CTA begins interviewing in August and continues interviewing at the Midwestern Public Interest Law & Career Conference (MPILCC). When reviewing resumes, Rachel looks for public service experience and solid, substantive legal experience during the 1L summer. She also says to be careful to avoid typos and grammatical errors in your resume and cover letter.

Application Process

To apply for the Legal Intern Program, please submit a current resume and an official law school transcript to:

Latoya Davis
Law Department, 6th Floor
Chicago Transit Authority
567 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL 60661


If you want to talk more about the CTA and other internship opportunities, schedule an appointment with a counselor on IrishLink, email, or call one of us. We always want to hear from you.

You can learn more about the CTA Law Department’s Summer Intern Program here.

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