Welcome to Becoming a Different Kind of Professional!


Here you are reading my very first post for my new blog, Becoming a Different Kind of Professional! Here, you can get all of the information I used to send out in emails but in an easier to read, more fun, personal format. You are probably wondering what is this blog for? What is she going to blog about? Why should I read it?

  1. I will blog about the things I email about:

-public interest



-the mentorship and summer stipend programs

  1. I will blog about what I am doing, where I am going, and who I am meeting, including:

-site visits I am going on to Chicago employers

-employer networking I am doing to help build contacts for you!

-dates that I am in South Bend for in-person appointments

-conferences I am attending

-really cool things such as conferences, happy hours, and other networking events you can attend in Chicago and elsewhere

  1. I will write a lot of alumni and student profiles so you can see what real NDLS alumni and students are doing

 but mostly I will tell stories because as human beings, we crave stories!

I will tell stories about alumni who are crushing their public interest careers. I will tell stories about starting to compete as a powerlifter. I will tell stories about current students who have completely changed their view of the law by doing a Chicago program externship. I will tell stories about how taking an improv class totally changed my attitude and my life. I will tell stories about alumni who had trouble landing their first post-law school job and are now thriving in their legal careers.

I know you get a lot of really long emails so my goal is to help free your inbox. Now, I will send very short emails that link to this blog so if you’re interested in the topic, you can just click right over and get more information and if you’re not interested, you can get along with your day without having to wade through a long email from me.

Thanks for reading the blog and I look forward to creating interest content for you.


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