Inaugural Alumni Mentorship Program A Success!

Last year, the CDO launched the Alumni Mentorship Program to pair students with alumni mentors according to student geography and practice area interest. The goal was to pair 100 students with alumni mentors in six pilot cities. I am excited to report that the program far exceeded our greatest expectations. The CDO found 278 unique mentors from 44 cities and paired them with over 250 students.

As the creator of the program, my primary goal in launching it was to create a world where just because Notre Dame is located outside of some of the urban centers in which students want to build their careers did not mean that students were not forging connections in those cities. Even though most students could not meet with their mentors during the school year, students met in-person with their mentors over the winter and spring breaks, many of them meeting at SBA organized winter happy hours across the country. Many students have carried on their relationships with their mentors over email and by phone and are continuing to meet with their mentors as they begin their jobs this summer.

Connections that students have forged with their mentors have proven to be invaluable. The mentorship program enabled students to build a contact with a lawyer in their city, get interviewing advice, practice networking, and in some cases, got the student a summer internship in their mentor’s organization.

To learn more about the mentors’ backgrounds and the students who participated in the program, check out the infographic below:

Inline image 1



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