Prestige vs. Happiness

We hear the word "prestige" a lot. There is often a great deal of concern about whether a given job is prestigious. Sometimes people eliminate organizations from their job search purely because of the perception that they are not prestigious enough. We hear from students considering multiple offers, inquiring about which firm is more prestigious.... Continue Reading →

3L Stories: Mikhael Bunda

Lucky you...we have another 3L story! Today's guest is Mikhael Bunda. I met Mikhael as a 1L. He's got great energy and a really positive vibe. He's someone to keep an eye on because he's definitely going places. Remember the name. Ali Wruble: Tell me a bit about your life and how you ended up... Continue Reading →

Choose Happiness

Being super busy and stressed seems to be a badge of honor. "Clearly I'm important and in-demand because I have so much going on!" But is it really good? Any health care provider would tell you no. Stress does bad things to a body. And a soul. Chronic stress is one of the most common... Continue Reading →

3L Stories: Paris Mayfield

Time to hear another 3L story! Today's guest is Paris Mayfield. Paris is a fellow Texan and a terrific person. And she has the most beautiful smile. It lights up her face and any room she enters! Ali Wruble: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your life before law school. Paris Mayfield: I... Continue Reading →

The Best Advice

One of my favorite law-related newsletters is Mentor in Law from Nyssa Chopra. Nyssa does a terrific job of bringing together practical information on relevant topics for professional development. With a focus on diversity & inclusion and the future of work, newsletters feature advice on how to get into different fields of law from practicing... Continue Reading →

3L Stories: Keith Ongeri

This is the first post in a new recurring feature called 3L Stories. I will be talking with 3Ls and sharing their experiences. Why? Well, why not? We have great students, so why not talk about them!? First up, Keith Ongeri. He is our current SBA President, an Assistant Rector in Alumni Hall and an... Continue Reading →

Things to Share

It's time for the next Things to Share post. Have something you'd like to share? Let me know! Use the contact form at the bottom. I would love to hear from you! Vault - This site is chock full of practical and useful content. They have an excellent blog, lists & rankings to help you... Continue Reading →

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